How to Get a Girl to Desperately Want to Sleep With You

This is probably the biggest question that every man has – to get a girl to sleep with him! After all, this is what ‘seduction’ is all about – getting her into the bedroom. While many men seem to struggle in this area, master seducers have known the secrets to making any woman want to sleep with them. Read on to discover the secret techniques that they use and achieve mind blowing results fast…

How To Get A Girl To Desperately Want To Sleep With You – Three Essential Steps

Step 1. Build Attraction. This might be just a little tad obvious, but it is surprising how many men miss this completely. In order to make a girl want to sleep with you, you must first make her feel attracted to you in the first place.

The biggest mistake that a man can make is to make her feel COMFORTABLE with (instead of ATTRACTED to) them. If they are comfortable without any attraction, they will relegate you into the ‘friend‘ zone – not pleasant!

Step 2. Build “Dissonance”. This is where my method departs from the others you may get from other ‘dating gurus’ – once you have built attraction, then you will need to make her feel ‘confused’. You must make her feel frustrated – which is then translated into sexual desire and energy. This is why ‘make up sex’ often is great – because all the anger is channeled into the sex!

How do you build ‘dissonance‘ then? Easy. Tease her and be slightly challenging. Be aware that you do not need to come across as cocky – just show that you have your own opinions, and you do not need to suck up to her at all.

Step 3. Fractionation. This is the final step where you bring her through an emotional rollercoaster, so that she experiences both sad and happy states. In the process she will be made emotionally dependent on you. This is done through associating her happy states to you – thus making her ‘addicted’ to you emotionally.

Once you have done the three steps, it is trivial to get her to sleep with you – in fact she  will often drag you to bed!

Tips For Attracting Girls That Work

Looking at tips for attracting girls? Many guys find it quite tricky to attract girls and get a date. However don’t despair as here are some hints on attracting girls that work. Use them and you will soon be going on dates with the girls of your dreams.

Be the kind of guy that girls want to be around. So be as friendly as possible and you will be much more attractive to girls. No girls like to go out with guys who seem uninterested in them, and you will never get a girl by behaving this way. Remember being shy and being uninterested in someone are two different things, so don’t mix them up.

Make the effort to look as good as you can, and pay attention to your hygiene. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your clothes. Ensure that your clothes are always freshly laundered and you smell good and you will have no problem with the girls.

One thing that girls do not like is a guy who eyes up all the women around him. You will not get any dates by chasing every woman in the town. In fact it will just get you a bad reputation. So avoid this kind of behaviour at all costs and you will find that girls are much more attracted to you.

Be the kind of guy at the girl knows she can talk to. There is nothing worse than being with a guy who isn’t interested in anything you have to say. So keep the channels of communication open and you will be a good catch for any girl out there.

These are just a few of the hints on attracting girls that work. Try them out for yourself and you will be going on a date before you know it. Hopefully, you have learned some tips for attracting girls.

A Beginner’s Guide to Heavy Bag Training and Girl Boxing Gloves

In recent years the sport of amateur and professional boxing has undergone a major change; growing from being a solely male dominated activity into one that now accepts and is embraced by women of all nationalities, ages, shapes and sizes. Internationally televised female boxing matches are now commonly aired on major sporting channels and the inclusion of a women’s boxing event in the Olympic Games has enticed a new generation of lady boxers into the ring.

If you’re one of the many enthusiastic new boxers excited about the opportunity of taking on an opponent then you’ve come at the right time, as many of the big name boxing equipment companies have come out with excellent state of the art training equipment designed especially for ladies. Two of the most important pieces of equipment to help you quickly improve your stamina; technique and style are a heavy bag and boxing gloves.

The heavy bag

Over the years the heavy bag has helped to shape professional boxers into the fighters that they are today; it is a relatively simple piece of equipment yet it gives a boxer a full body workout, increases their speed, tightens balance and self-defense movements as well as building up specific muscles and strengthening your overall punch power. Heavy bags come in a number of different weights ranging from 40 to 100 lbs and made from materials such as leather, canvass and vinyl. They are easy to attach to the ceiling, are made to last and it won’t cost you an arm and leg to purchase a decent quality bag.

The heavy bag gloves

The main difference between fight gloves and heavy bag gloves lies in the amount of extra padding used for protection and their overall weight. They tend to weigh between 10 to 16 ounces and come in the classic boxing glove shape with extra padding added to the wrist area with a tight fit and adjustable wrist straps for added protection. As females tend to have smaller wrists less bulky forearms several equipment manufacturers have developed a range of girl boxing gloves with specially designed high density padding that is both light weight and durable. Beginners are advised to choose a decent pair of gloves from a reputable company which is guaranteed to provide adequate protection against training injuries. Due to consistent intense impact to the hands and wrists during heavy bag training many boxers also use hand wraps under their gloves for extra support, although this is a personal choice.

Two specially designed heavy bag girl boxing gloves that provide excellent protection, comfort and a reasonable price for female boxers include:

Ever Last train advanced wrist-wrap gloves:

These simple, well designed 14-ounce girl boxing gloves boast the classic punch glove style with a tight thumb-lock position for a tighter strength punch and extra impact protection. They offer fighters a tight fitting wrist wrap strap for added comfort and are made from a material that not only provides reduced stress to he hands, but also contain microbe technology that keeps away bad odors.

Ever Last train advanced heavy-bag gloves:

These girl boxing gloves were designed especially for heavy bag raining and come in a unique naturally curved hand shape with individually padded finger loops that provide increased impact protection as well as flexible movement. Perfect for a range of fighting sports these gloves are made from a durable high density lightweight dura-foam material with extra wrist wrap support to protect against strains and sprains to fragile areas.