How to Talk to Girls – Books Are Not Needed If You Can Follow These Steps!

How to talk to girls? Many guys still fumble over this. There are only a few simple things to keep in mind to avoid this problem. Our female counterpart wants to check you out and conversations is one of the channels in which they do so. Hence it is imperative to know how to talk to girls the correct way.

How To Talk To Girls

Firstly your opening line is very important. Do not go for the usual old hi or hello; do something different. The thing here is to grab her attention. The conversation would go downhill if you do not start off right, ensure that you line shows your personality and that you are not trying to fake it.

KISS – keep it short and simple. You want to have that mysterious edge over her. This keeps them intrigued and they want to know you more. Do not ramble on about yourself, silence is golden, let her do the talking.

Do not allow those awkward silences to take place. You do not want to be known as the boring guy she hung out with last night. Plan a few simple generic questions to use beforehand in case you run out of things to talk about.

End the conversation when you are on a high. This will keep them wanting more and also makes you seem as a very confident guy who is not desperate to impress. Exchange a few eye contacts after exiting the conversation, if she responds, you would have achieved success.