How to Talk to Girls – Books Are Not Needed If You Can Follow These Steps!

How to talk to girls? Many guys still fumble over this. There are only a few simple things to keep in mind to avoid this problem. Our female counterpart wants to check you out and conversations is one of the channels in which they do so. Hence it is imperative to know how to talk to girls the correct way.

How To Talk To Girls

Firstly your opening line is very important. Do not go for the usual old hi or hello; do something different. The thing here is to grab her attention. The conversation would go downhill if you do not start off right, ensure that you line shows your personality and that you are not trying to fake it.

KISS – keep it short and simple. You want to have that mysterious edge over her. This keeps them intrigued and they want to know you more. Do not ramble on about yourself, silence is golden, let her do the talking.

Do not allow those awkward silences to take place. You do not want to be known as the boring guy she hung out with last night. Plan a few simple generic questions to use beforehand in case you run out of things to talk about.

End the conversation when you are on a high. This will keep them wanting more and also makes you seem as a very confident guy who is not desperate to impress. Exchange a few eye contacts after exiting the conversation, if she responds, you would have achieved success.

Everyday Leadership: A Girl Scout in a Flag Ceremony Demonstrates Leadership

I used to think that being a leader meant being the head of an organization or a group. The experience of working as a Girl Scout leader for 10 years changed that thinking. I learned that leadership for me was more about finding ways of empowering others and creating an environment for them to be more of who they are.

One year, in the spring a mother of one of the girls from my troop was organizing a court of awards ceremony at a large community event. Our troop was to provide Girl Scouts and flags from our troop for the ceremony. One of the Junior Girl Scouts named Mariam came to me and said she would like to be in the ceremony. She would like to carry a flag. When I mentioned this to the mother who was organizing the ceremony, her reaction was no because Mariam was too loud and boisterous and would never settle down for this serious ceremony. The mother said that Mariam would embarrass our troop.

I disagreed with her. She was right about Mariam’s energy. Mariam had a big personality and she liked to push this limits. She all of this power within her and was learning to channel it into creativity. She was a very talented artist and was full of life. For five years I had watched her grow into her personal power. I believed that if she said she wanted to do it, that she would be able to focus on the job. I knew my job was to support her in becoming more of who she was as a powerful young woman. It was not to create a perfect ceremony. I stood up for Mariam, talked to the mother about giving each of the girls a chance to develop leadership skills and this was an opportunity for Mariam to stretch herself into a new situation. The mother reluctantly agreed.

I talked with Mariam. I let her know that I believed in her and I that I stood up for her. I let her know that it was up to her to show us what she could do. This was her opportunity to be a leader.

On the day of the ceremony Mariam was excited and nervous. I gave her a hug, told her I believed in her and to enjoy the experience. I was so proud of Mariam as I watched her stand up straight and proudly carrying the flag. There was a moment when Mariam’s friend Katie, carrying a flag in the ceremony and walking next to Mariam began to giggle. No one ever imagined that Katie would be the one to disrupt the seriousness of the ceremony. Mariam did not react. She stayed focused on honoring the flag, the ceremony and herself. She led the way and demonstrated a new leadership.

The Growing World of Tattoo Designs For Girls

Women are getting tattoos more than any other time in history. Thus has lead to a great change in the tattoo industry and a growth in women tattoo designs.. There are more shops now than ever before that cater to a more female clientele. It used to be that women who wanted a tattoo had to enter into a male dominated world. The tattoo shops, designs and artists were all predominantly male. Now, things have changed and women are starting to find their own places in the world of tattoo designs. Tattoo shops now cater to women. They often have more female tattoo designs and are even often run by female tattoo artists.

It is common to see a ton of tattoo flash designs displayed on the walls and in binders of every local tattoo shop.. The one major difference today is you will find a ton of great tattoo designs for girls. In the not so far off past all of the flash designs that were displayed had a bunch of skulls, daggers, flames and pinup girls and designs that would generally cater to men. Now you will find a bunch of designs that also cater more to women. . Example of these designs might be beautiful flower tattoos for the foot, or ankle tattoo designs that feature a fairy. The tattoos are more typically cute, girly and even sexy at the same time. It is not uncommon to find flash of butterflies, fairies, dolphins and flowers.

Do you still not believe me about this major shirt in the world of female tattoo designs? All you have to do is turn on your TV and watch the famous LA Ink on the Learning Channel. You have probably heard about the original TV show Miami Ink by now in which Ami James opened a tattoo shop in Miami Florida. The shop was created for a television series that aired on the Learning Channel. In the second season of the show Miami Ink Kat Von D a well known female tattoo artist joined the male dominated tattoo shop. Right away Kat Von D clashed with the shop owner Ami James which led to a spinoff of her own series LA Ink. Her shop found its home in LA and of course features mostly female tattoo artists. Beautiful and independent strong females I might add! This is just one well publicized example of the great change that is occurring in the tattoo industry.