The Mill Channel 4 Review – Period Drama Set In 1830s England

If you’re one of those people who hanker after a world before health and safety zealots wrapped our children in cotton wool then a couple of things: i) button it and ii) The Mill is the ideal program for you. They don’t worry about health and safety at the Quarry Bank Mill in the 1833. So while the young girl Miriam (Sacha Parkinson) is being molested in the bogs by evil overlooker Charlie Crout (Craig Parkinson) the 10-year-old unsupervised slave rat Tommy (Connor Dempsey) gets his arm trapped in the machinery. Ah it was great back then. Yes you got a few bumps and scrapes but that’s how you learned about life. Miriam has learned that she’s a disposable grope toy and Tommy’s learned that his hand’s going to be amputated. They don’t teach you that at University.

So life is a faeces quesadilla for the children and 12 hour shifts are quite literally run of the mill. But wait, change is in the air. Irish political organiser John Doherty (Aidan McArdle) agitates for the 10 hour bill that will make it illegal for a child to work more than 10 hours a day (which is essentially turning work into a holiday camp).

Doherty delivers fiery rhetoric through a broken face he got at the hands of a savage beatdown at the hands of the mill’s new mechanic Daniel Bate (Matthew McNulty). We don’t know what provoked the pummelling but we do know that mill owner’s son Robert Greg (Jamie Draven) just dragged him out of debtor’s prison Dirty Dozen style as apparently he’s some kind of wayward engineering genius. Daniel’s politically conscious too so if he can knock off beating Irish men unconscious then he’s arrived at exactly the right time.

Also feisty is apprentice girl Esther Price (Kerrie Hayes). When whistleblowing on Charlie Crout’s sexual abuse backfires she finds herself cornered in the privy with him getting ready to get rapey. It doesn’t look good for Esther but one whack in the nuts with a metal bell clapper she stole and all of a sudden it’s Crout who doesn’t look so hot.

So exploitation, mutilation, sexual abuse and a metal clapper to the balls. While I’m not going to tell you it’s cheery there’s an optimism in The Mill that leavens the mood and prevents it from descending fully into misery porn. Although the characters are based on real people from the era they still feel a little bit plucked from stock Dickensian archetypes – the fusty mill owner, the gobby Mick, the spirited girl. Nonetheless the writing and performances are fine and it’s nice to have a reminder of why we need trade unions as, one way or another, most of the people watching owe their existence in the gene pool to them.

The verdict: What’s 10 years old and got one hand? Oh you’ve heard it.

Marks out of 10: 7

How to Impress a Girl – Three Looks Techniques to Make You Highly Attractive to Girls

There are some very amazing techniques that will make you highly attractive to girls; however using them will be costly. Instead, you can use these three looks techniques on how to impress a girl to become highly attractive.

The more you try the more you are going to fail with girl! That’s the truth. And it’s even more the case when you try to impress a girl. The more you want to impress her, the more she is going to know that you like her and the more she is going to give you a hard time doing so.

Instead of sweating and doing all the efforts to get nothing, I suggest that you use these three techniques, they are very easy to use and will make you look very attractive.

· The first technique on how to impress a girl is always wear different

Go watch MTV or any major television channel now. What are you going to notice about the way people dress is that almost every guy is wearing the same thing or a variation of it. For example, the thing that is most garbed nowadays is a shirt that has a tag on it or other writings or drawings and jeans and sport shoes.

And if you go out, you will notice that a lot of guys are wearing almost the same stuff. This is not the best way to impress a girl. Girls want challenging and less predictable guys. The moment you start applying to the general rule, you will start looking normal to her. I’m not suggesting that you should invent your own style here (if you can, go ahead), but I’m saying that you have to change a little from the common ground. Don’t be like every one when trying to impress a girl; you will be looking very normal and unimpressive to her.

· The second technique on how to impress a girl is always keep attention to your shoes

In the last example I gave, almost all guys are wearing sport shoes. Here is a news I want to broadcast to you, sport shoes aren’t attractive. If you are wearing them all the time, you are running a high risk of looking normal.

Wait a second!

If people in your age group are wearing sport shoes, don’t ridicule yourself and get classy shoes, do as they do, but choose the best ones and the most attractive ones. Shoes are so important; always keep them clean and as new as possible.

· The third technique on how to impress a girl is always pay attention to little details most guys would ignore.

What are most guys doing when they go out?

They put their clothes on and leave! They don’t take care of themselves, you on the other hand should pay particular attention to those little details that are going to make all the difference, you can get a full list in this article: how to look attractive to girls, girls will notice the difference in you immediately.

3 Steps in Attracting Girls on Facebook

Meet Girls On Facebook: Take The Steps

Facebook is one of the social networking websites on the net that has continued to gain popularity through these years. It is for everyone who wishes to connect to people from all around the globe. All it takes is to create an account and manage it, for free.

It is even made popular by the fact that here on Facebook, you can meet potential dates and even longtime partners. It is possible. In fact, Facebook is one of guys’ favorite places to meet girls. But how do you actually meet girls on Facebook? Do you know any better way to do it? Have you tried and found it efficient? Below are the ways to effectively meet girls on Facebook.

Step One: Build Rapport

Considering you already have a Facebook account, update it every now and then and continue to build your friends network. Once you have added more people, establish a rapport with them, strive to be decent friends. And after a week or two of being friends, start commenting on their photos or drop a post. Say anything pleasant and do not be annoying or sound creepy.

Step Two: Search

As soon as you have built something with your online friends, keep it friendly and relaxed. People are comfortable with this. The next step may take some valuable time before you reap some rewards. Look at your friends’ uploaded pictures, not necessarily their photo albums, but those photos with tags. This only means that they are part of some social environment wherein finding women will be quicker for you. Practice a bit of investigation to find out if the women you found are single, in a relationship or married.

Step Three: Send Messages and Connect

The third step is quite simple, yet crucial. You may send a message to your friend telling him or her to set you up with his or her friend, the one you found interesting, or ask him or her to introduce you or to have that new-found girl visit your Facebook profile. Note that if you know or have your friend’s number, then you need not send a message on Facebook. You may directly send a text message instead. Once you get the new girl’s number or are connected through Facebook already, then start sending her messages. First, introduce yourself properly. Do not forget to mention that you are a friend of her friend. And then the rest is all up to you. You may flirt for a while before the two of you actually meet in person.

In conclusion, Facebook is among the best channel to meet girls. Most of the time, meeting women on Facebook yields higher success level because of the social proof it carries and the fact that you see what she looks like before meeting her personally. It is much better than being set up on a blind date, and with less effort.