Should You Just Be Yourself Around Girls?

What most men don’t understand is when they say to themselves

“I’ll just be myself and see how it goes” is that they are setting themselves up for immediate failure with women.

Unless you’re a complete natural with women and you know your game is going to work.. “Winging it or being yourself” just doesn’t work…but if you’re that guy then this site is probably not for you anyways.

When you’re just gonna be yourself that pretty much means you’re going to just wing it.

It really has nothing to do with being yourself. It’s actually just the easy way out because then you don’t have to learn anything new about dating, pick up and relationships.

Why talk to a girl at all if you have no purpose, intent, plan, or reason why you are talking to that girl.

What if when it came to running your business you said “I’m just going to be myself and see if anyone buys my product.” Your business would probably blow, because you have no business plan, processes, and no ways to bring in new customers.

All you’re counting on is pure luck.

You’ll always be reactive to whatever she says to you instead of being proactive and truly playing the game.See what most guys don’t get is that “yourself” or your character will shine through on your non-verbal channels almost all the time. Plus, there’s plenty of room for you to be yourself, just within certain steps and format of what is going to be socially, mentally and physically pleasing to your target.

And girls will find you much more attractive when you are yourself which basically means you don’t let her control your responses. Or to be more technical don’t just be a conformist to try to get her to like you.

When she says:

“I like this song”

Do you say “me to”or…

“This song sucks” because you actually think the song sucks?

Finally, I just want to finish off with a thought from one of my favorite comedians Katt Williams. He talks about how when people say “don’t let the money change you”

And he goes on to explain why the hell would you want more money if you didn’t want something to change. When I started learning how to pick up girls I wasn’t like “I just want to be myself” because it was just a cop out.

I wanted to be changed. More able to pick up more girls, faster, hotter, and easier. Be more confident, happier, and be able to manage relationships.

You can stay true to all your beliefs, morals, and opinions, just want to be changed if you really really want to get better in this area of your life.

Later fellas,

Cole M.